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Sue Cummings

DWDV Board Member

My husband David was diagnosed with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) in late 2011. It is a progressive disease of the cerebellum, and his was a text book case, so we knew precisely what lay ahead.  The family all supported his decision to make a choice about when and where he would die but we could not assist him or be with him at the end in January 2015.

I am committed to working with DWDV to inform Victorians of all ages of their rights and options towards the end of life, and to progress and broaden the VAD legislation successfully enacted in 2017.

I have enjoyed a long career in marketing and research, with a strong focus on human behaviour and communications.  I hope to encourage greater discussion among younger and older Australians around one of the last taboos in our society, the end of our life and the choices we may make.

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