About Us

Our aims

Our Purpose

Founded in 1974, Dying With Dignity Victoria, formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria Inc., is a law reform and education organisation pursuing public policies and laws in the state of Victoria which enhance self-determination and dignity at the end of life.

Our Aims

  • Promote legislation that gives effect to freedom of choice and individual human rights to acknowledge the right of competent adults with a terminal, or advanced incurable illness, that creates intolerable, unrelievable suffering, to die with dignity. See our Legislative Charter.
  • Carry out a continuing public education policy to achieve such legislation.
  • Educate the public in the need for Living Wills and Advance Healthcare Directives.
  • Provide counselling and other assistance to people on their end of life rights.

Dying With Dignity Victoria is a member of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

We have had inquiries about DWDV’s relationship with Philip Nitschke and Exit International. Dying With Dignity Victoria has no connection with Philip Nitschke or Exit International. It does not advocate a publicly available 'peaceful pill' nor a 'DIY' approach to dealing with end of life issues. Please see our Charter principles for details.