AGM Speech: VAD Six Months On

Dr Nick Carr gave a keynote speech at the DWDV AGM on 16 November, in which he spoke about his experience with Voluntary Assisted Dying over the months since it has passed into law here in Victoria. We now have available an an audio of his speech and a written transcript.

In his speech, Dr Carr tells the moving story of his first patient who sought to access voluntary assisted dying. He also covers a number of the barriers faced under the legislation as it now stands and shares the ‘good bits’ – the positive aspects he has experienced over the last few months since the legislation was enacted. As he says, “the work has been incredibly rewarding”. He finally looks briefly to the future and what he hopes will happen over the next five years.

Download the audio (MP3, 9.5MB)

Download the transcript (PDF, 119kb)

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