Dementia and assisted dying: It’s time to change the law

Matty Silver’s article ‘Time to change the law’ was published in John Menadue’s Public Policy Journal on June 10.

In this very stirring article, Silver recounts the diagnosis of one of her closest friends with dementia. Her friend had read Dr Rodney Syme’s posthumously published book, ‘A Completed Life’ and was further devastated to realise that this scenario could be her future.

Originally from The Netherlands, Silver is well and truly informed about assisted dying and writes “I believe it’s time
for Australians to demand a law like this because no-one should be forced to suffer when their lives have lost meaning, and no family should have to witness their loved ones not recognising them anymore or feel like ‘prisoners in an aged care facility’ against their will, often without compassion, that is not caring”

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