Doctors in US Show Majority Support for Physican Assisted Dying

A recent study in the U.S shows that more Physicians are voicing their support for Physician Assisted Dying. With public support up to 80% in Australian States and Territories we hope that more of OUR Physicians will follow suit to respect the wishes of their patients in States and Territories In which VAD has been & will be legislated for.

They study by Medscape shows majority support for medical aid in dying in a survey of 5000 physicians. Not only is support rising within the industry, but opposition is dropping. The first national physician poll since the COVID-19 healthcare crisis started reaching record numbers in the United States shows that doctors nationwide in the US support medical aid in dying by a 2-1 margin, growing by nearly double digits over the last 10 years.

You can read the full report here, but please note that a free subscription to Medscape is required. 

[Source: Compassion & Choices]

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