New Guidelines Released for Assisted Dying Reporting

A comprehensive media toolkit has been released to ensure consistent and sensitive reporting on matters related to assisted dying. The aim of this toolkit is to standardise the way Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) topics are covered in the media, ensuring accuracy, empathy, and respect in every report.

This initiative comes as part of ongoing efforts to uphold journalistic integrity and ethical reporting practices in discussions surrounding sensitive topics such as end-of-life decisions. By providing journalists with clear guidelines and resources, the toolkit aims uphold the dignity of individuals and families involved in VAD cases.

Please see the full media toolkit below

Dying with Dignity Victoria values the feedback of our community and invites you to share your thoughts. Your input is crucial in shaping future updates and ensuring that the toolkit meets the needs of both the media and the community it serves. Let us know your thoughts on these guidelines and what else you would like to see implemented to support responsible reporting on VAD and related issues.

The DWDV Team

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