Advance Care Directives

Advance Care Directives

An Advance Care Directive (ACD) is a form that you fill out in order to direct Doctors and health professionals of your medical treatment wishes, should you be in a position where you are not physically able to do so yourself.

*Please Note* Dying With Dignity Victoria are currently reviewing and updating our forms and information in accordance with the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016.

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Dying With Dignity Victoria runs workshops throughout the year where you can find out information on how to complete ACD's, and how they can be used to document treatment and refusal of treatment preferences.

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an Advance Care Directive workshop from 2015

Giving Victorians certainty on End of Life care and wishes

16 September, 2016

Minister for Health Jill Hennessy has announced legislation that will provide greater support for people's medical treatment wishes. The Parliamentary bill also aims to provide the health services industry with the support to better educate both health providers and their patients about Advance Care Directives.

Current Update: 24 November

The Amendments made in the Upper House were accepted in the Lower House. The Bill now goes through to the Governor for Royal Assent where it will be passed through as a law.

Current Update: 22 November

The Bill is currently being debated in the Upper House. It was voted through to the committee stage so that amendments to the bill could be debated. After a late session in Parliament all amendments were made and were voted through 30 - 7.

Current update: 27 October, 2016

The Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Bill is being debated in Parliament with strong support from Labor and the Greens.

Labor MP Gabrielle Williams: "The bill before us today is essentially and fundamentally framed around the proposition that every patient should get to make their own decisions about medical treatment. These decisions should include access to quality medical treatment that is delivered in a way that is consistent with a person’s preferences and their values.

The Liberal and National MPs have expressed their support for Advance Care Directives and legislating for them, however, are currently seeking to have the Bill removed and amended.

For further details:

Media release from Jill Hennessy

Response from DWDV

Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Bill

The Victorian Government is in the process of developing legislation that will ensure Advance Care Directives receive statutory recognition.

The new legislation aims to simplify the laws and processes about peoples medical treatment wishes.

What the proposed Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act will do

The proposed Act aims to:

  • provide Victorians with a new process for medical treatment decision making in line with contemporary views about how people participate in decisions about their own medical treatment.
  • simplify the existing legal framework for medical treatment decision making and ensure statutory recognition of advance care directives for current and future conditions.
  • support existing efforts in implementing advance care planning.