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Go Gentle Australia

Go Gentle Australia was launched in August of 2016, following Andrew Denton's address to the National Press Club of Australia.

Go Gentle Australia has been established to help relieve the distress, helplessness and suffering experienced by Australians with untreatable or terminal illnesses, their families and carers.

"We are working with professionals across all sectors of our community – palliative care workers, nursing unions, individual doctors and their representative groups, cancer support organisations, representatives of the disability community, elderly support groups, Dying With Dignity organisations, political representatives from all parties, legal experts, as well as individuals who are suffering and their families – to shed more light on a subject that, even within the medical community, often remains taboo."

Along with the videos that Go Gentle Australia have produced, they have also put together a booklet of people's story's surrounding assisted dying in Australia.

'The Damage Done' is a heart breaking account that illustrates why we need safe, comprehensive and compassionate assisted dying laws.

You can find a free download of the booklet on the Go Gentle Australia website. Click the image for more details.

"Debate these laws properly; understand what they are; look at the evidence from overseas about how the safeguards work.

Should you continue to stand in the way of a law for assisted dying, let it be in the knowledge of the suffering taking place in the community because of that refusal."

Write this law, and right this wrong.

- Andrew Denton