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Letter Writing Kit

Letter Writing Kit

As part of DWDV's current campaign to raise awareness of what assisted dying laws mean to Victorians, we are urging as many people as possible to write to their State MP.

The most important part of our advocacy is to give voice to the many people who are facing the end of their lives without proper, safe and compassionate assisted dying legislation.

These stories are told by parents, sons, daughters, spouses and friends and far too often they are stories of a request to end a persons suffering that went unanswered. These are the stories that our MPs need to hear.

Steps to take:

  1. Check out our Letter Writing Guide below
  2. If you are unsure who the State MP is in your electorate, Click Here to find out
  3. Write your letter
  4. Post it through

Easy! But so very important in this critical time for getting voluntary assisted dying legislation into the Victorian Parliament.

For further information, call the DWDV office on (03) 9874 0503