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  • 'I'm sorry I didn't kill you, Mum' Tracey Spicer
  • Gillian Mears shares her story with MS
  • Dick Smith speaks of his former employee Chris Hill at National Geographic Magazine
  • June Halls talks about her father who finally succumbed to pneumonia after 16 months of suffering and doctors giving him antibiotics despite his wish to die.
  • Anon (name supplied) tells how her mother, in pain and with an unacceptable quality of life at age 80, suicided in the path of a train.
  • Meg Wolk talks About Her Husband Paul Who Died of Motor Neurone Disease.
  • Shirley Nolan OBE co-founded the world's first Bone-Marrow Register, claimed her right to die with dignity at the end of a 25 year battle with Parkinson's disease.
  • A Palliative Care Nurse talks about her experience in a hospice for ten years.
  • Sandy Williamson, a Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, says she must attempt to take her own life while she is still able.
  • Stephen Clarke talks about how the new Australian euthanasia communication laws prevent his terminally and painfully ill mother from receiving advice by phone... if only she had the strength to get to it.