The human reality of helping a patient die

Administering voluntary assisted dying is different from academically debating it – two doctors tell us why.”

This episode of The Medical Republic’s Tea Room podcast interviews two doctors involved with VAD.

The first is Dr David Ward, a general practitioner obstetrician from Albany in regional Western Australia, who says although VAD may sound like a sad circumstance, in his experience it’s often the opposite. While it may not be for everyone, for him it’s an honour

The second is oncologist and DWDV board member, Dr Cameron McLaren, who has been involved in over 250 cases of Voluntary Assisted Dying. He speaks with honesty, compassion and integrity in this ‘must listen’ interview.

When peaceful death is up to a doctor

Sometimes the only decision is in what way will a patient stop living. In this second part of The Tea Room’s special on voluntary assisted dying (VAD) we cover conscientious objection, patient choice and the personal impact of administering pharmacy that ends a life.

[Source: The Medical Republic]

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