The Northern Territory is Now the Only Jurisdiction Without VAD

Suzanne James’ article, ‘Treated like second-class citizens’: NT awaits VAD law as ACT makes progress,’ was published on Green Left on June 14th.

Suzanne is a dedicated advocate of voluntary assisted dying, offering a comprehensive overview of the situation in the Northern Territory (NT).

Judy Dent, President of the Northern Territory Voluntary Euthanasia Society (NTVES), tirelessly voices concerns about the advisory panel report, scheduled to be tabled just three weeks before the August 24th election, fearing it may be disregarded by major parties.

Steve Offner, Communications Director of Go Gentle Australia, expressed optimism, suggesting that regardless of the election outcome, support for the legislation appears inevitable. Currently, the Liberal and Country Labor Party have not committed to following the Expert Advisory Panel’s recommendations

DWDV extends thanks to Suzanne for her continuous support of assisted dying legislation.

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