Dying With Dignity Victoria (DWDV - formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria Inc.) is a law reform and education organisation pursuing public policies and laws in the state of Victoria that enhance self-determination and dignity at the end of life.

Our Charter Principles

Patrons Mr Julian Burnside QC, Hon Rod Mackenzie OAM, Hon Ian Macphee AO

DWDV has no connection with Philip Nitschke, Exit International or a publicly available ‘peaceful pill’.



The following political parties have a pro-VE policy (listed in alphabetical order):

The Australian Greens

The Australian Sex Party

The Liberal Democrats

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party

Vote Compass is back for the Federal Election. The order of questions changes but you will get a chance to "Strongly Agree" with the following statement:

"Terminally ill patients should be able to legally end their own lives with medical assistance".

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Legislative Council Standing Committee on
Legal and Social Issues

On May 7 2015 the Victorian Legislative Council resolved that the Legal and Social Issues Legislation Committee inquire into End of Life Choices.

The Terms of Reference were circulated and submissions called for.

The Committee is asking the question:

Are Victorian laws adequately meeting people’s expectations regarding
medical options available at the end of their life?

DWDV made a comprehensive submission to the inquiry. It is listed on the Inquiry into End of Life Choices website as submission number 625, which can be viewed here.

Submission Deadline

31 August 2015

Interim Report Due

On 10 November 2015 the Committee Tabled its Interim Report.

Final Report Due

31 May 2016 - expected to be tabled in Parliament on 7 June.

Government Response

The Government is required to respond within six months of the final report being tabled.

Your life, Your choice!

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