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Rodney Syme Medal

The Rodney Syme Medal recognises distinguished effort in pursuit of the Dying with Dignity cause.  Such outstanding, distinguished effort may be in the current year or, it may be awarded for historical efforts in past years. The medal was first awarded in 2007.

The decision to award the medal is made by a majority vote of the DWDV committee. An Honorary Life membership of DWDV is also provided to the recipient of the award.

2007Marshall Perron, and Tim and Beryl Saclier
2008Helga Kuhse and Mary Walsh
2009Colleen Hartland
2011Rowena Moore
2013Alan Rosendorff
2014Peter Short
2015Anne Riddell
2016Andrew Denton
2017Fiona Patten
2018Max Sutherland
2019Gavin Jennings
2020Susan Jury and Melanie van Diemen
2021Michael Gaffney
2022Professor Lindy Willmott and Professor Ben White
2023John Hont
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