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Dr Meredith Doig OAM

DWDV Secretary

My father, a gentle and caring physician, died from painful pancreatic cancer in 2006. His anguish, physical and psychological, prompted me to join DWDV and to become a Life Member in 2010. Most of my career was spent in the corporate world, as a senior executive with Ford, Rio Tinto and ANZ. For the last 15 years I have been an independent consultant and director on boards of statutory authorities, university councils, private sector companies and not-for-profits. I teach governance at the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In my spare time I am President of the Rationalist Society of Australia, which promotes a 10 Point Plan for a Secular Australia, one of which is “Guaranteed control over one’s own body, free from religious interference, when facing end of life”. I bring to the DWDV Board expertise in governance, submission and letter writing skills, and my own networks.

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