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DWDV Young Ambassadors

All people deserve a death with dignity. This includes having quality end-of-life care choices that meet your needs, values and preferences. 

The Young Ambassadors (YA) group exists to be a voice for young people who seek to die with dignity or who require end-of-life options and information.

While requiring end-of-life care can be challenging for people of all ages, there are certain factors that may make it particularly difficult for young people:

Facing the end of life at a young age can be profoundly distressing. Young people may experience heightened emotional and psychological challenges, including feelings of unfairness, anger or fear. They may struggle with unfulfilled aspirations and unfinished goals.

End-of-life care services are typically designed to cater to older people. Young people often have different needs -including capability to support continued schooling/working, facilities to host friends, technological capabilities etc.

Young people requiring end-of-life care may have young children, dependent family members, or financial responsibilities, such as mortgages or loans. This can impact their ability to receive care.

Young people typically do not anticipate or plan for end-of-life situations, before they are forced to make these important decisions.

As a society we are uncomfortable having conversations about the reality of young people dying.

The Young Ambassadors will work to:


  • Inform young people about end-of-life care choices available to them, including VAD.
  • Connect young people navigating end-of-life care, their carers and families to relevant supports and services.
  • Advocate to policy-makers and providers for improvements in end-of-life care services and choices for young people.
  • Research the issues affecting young people accessing end-of-life care.
  • Encourage young people to have conversation with the important people in their life regarding their end-of-life care directions, values and preferences and document their wishes in an ACD.

Clockwise from top left: Danielle Clarke, Liv Nicholls, Jono Simko. Anna Philip

YA Volunteer Network

We are striving to build a Volunteer Network with a wide range of life experiences, professional backgrounds, skills and passions. We believe that this diversity will not only enrich our organisation but also enhance our ability to understand and address various community needs effectively. When you register to the Network, we will contact you about opportunities for you to get involved.

We welcome people from across Australia to join our Network.

Expressions of Interest

The YA Volunteer Network is open to new members and is accepting Expressions of Interest. They welcome EOIs from young people (under 40 years of age) who are passionate about improving end-of-life care or people that have specific insights or experience assisting a young person to navigate end-of-life care.

If this is sounds like you, please complete our EOI form!

YA Expression of Interest Form

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