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Jane Morris

DWDV Board Member

As a nurse, I witnessed the intolerable, unnecessarily prolonged and inhumane suffering experienced by some individuals whilst dying. I will never forget the feelings of hopelessness that besieged us whilst having to stand helplessly by a patient writhing in agony, with little recourse, other than offering them a “comforting” hand to hold. Seared into my mind are the looks of despair, fear and often, understandable, anger shown by loved ones of the dying individual.

As a mature age student, I completed a Master of Bioethics and studied the topic of VAD with avid interest.

I have experienced the torment of witnessing my beautiful parents suffering torturous deaths. My mother died from Motor Neurone Disease ten years ago and a few years later my father succumbed to an equally horrendous death associated with, what should have been, entirely preventable suffering and indignity. Their deaths have left hideous and indelible scars upon all of us that loved them.

My mother’s hideous death was the catalyst that spurred me into action to take on the role of a staunch, vocal and active advocate for Victorian VAD Legislation.

I was fortunate to witness the entire parliamentary process that eventually culminated in the successful and historic passage of the Victorian VAD Act. The first Australian State to do so.

Encouraged by the late Dr Rodney Syme, I joined the DWDV Board and am now President of this wonderful organization. I still fervently and passionately believe that every individual has the right to be afforded choice at the end of life. No human should have to die in horrific circumstances like my parents and former patients. No human should should be left haunted by the lasting images of a dearly loved one suffering inhumanely.

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