About Us

Michelle Hindson

DWDV Board Member

During my career as a strategic corporate affairs professional with major organisations I have dealt with a wide range of issues and challenges and I look forward to bringing my skills and insights to complement the diverse talents of the DWDV board. I am honoured to be a member of the DWDV board, and to work towards every individual having control of their end-of-life choices.

 My commitment to the right to die with dignity began when my vivacious and spirited mother faced a slow, painful and undignified death from metastatic bowel cancer and multiple sclerosis. My loving, compassionate and entertaining father suffered from dementia and was incarcerated for five bewildering and stultifying years before he died an agonising and protracted death. Fifteen years ago my mother had no choice but to attempt, unsuccessfully, to take her own life.

My previous volunteering with Exit, and now as a Witness with DWDV, has further strengthened my conviction and I also firmly believe that people suffering from dementia should be able to access VAD.  

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