Finding support to seek voluntary assisted dying (ACHLR)

QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research has published a new consumer brochure providing practical tips to help people who are seeking information about voluntary assisted dying (VAD), but are not sure where to start.

This brochure is based on new research published by Professor Ben White, Ruthie Jeanneret and Professor Lindy Willmott, which shows that some people who want VAD have found it difficult to find someone who can help them. Some people may not even know VAD may be an option for them. This remains a particular issue in Victoria because doctors are not allowed to raise the issue of VAD with their patients.

The brochure explains how consumers and caregivers can deal with some of the key barriers to VAD access:

  • I don’t know if I am eligible for VAD
  • I don’t who to contact about VAD
  • I am not sure how to talk about VAD with my doctor
  • I am in a hospital, palliative care unit or residential aged care facility that objects to VAD

Thank you to the ACHLR team for creating this clear and practical resource to help people seeking VAD and their supporters.

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