Voluntary Assisted Dying now available in Victoria – thank you!

To all our Volunteers, Members, Ambassadors, Rapid-response writers, supporting members of parliament and other supporters :-

Today marks a very special occasion for Victorians, and indeed for all Australians. For the first time, voluntary assisted dying is available in an Australian state to eligible people suffering at the end of life. It must surely make it easier for other States seeking to enact such legislation. Whilst we see the legislation as being significantly more restrictive than we would like, it is nevertheless a major achievement and a triumph for self-determination.

The DWDV Board wishes to express its heartfelt thanks for your support and all the work you have done.

We are sure the DWDV effort played a significant role in the development of the legislation and getting it through parliament.

The Board of DWDV

Further information is available here.

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