Wanted – Young DWDV Ambassadors

The Covid pandemic has certainly led to greater public discussion and reflection around the subject of death. However, many people still only associate death with old age. Tragically, as we know, the young are not immune to illness, suffering and death. It is important that they become aware of end-of-life decision options.

Victorians over the age of eighteen should know that Voluntary Assisted Dying is now a legal option for those deemed eligible whilst suffering at the end-of-life. They should also be informed about the importance of an Advance Care Directive.

Through illness or injury, an individual can be left unresponsive, unable to make, or convey decisions about the medical care they wish to receive. Without an ACD, it can be left to family members, or a public advocate, to have to make decisions about treatments that should or, should not be initiated. Often decisions are made by those who have no idea about the medical wishes of the person involved.

Further complications can arise when the loved ones of that person are themselves conflicted as to which course of treatment they should provide.

Stating your medical treatment wishes in the form of an ACD, helps not only family and appointed medical treatment decision makers to make, with certainty, the correct decision that you would want, but also aids the medical team attending to your needs. They can act with confidence in the knowledge that the medical care they provide is in accordance with their patient’s wishes.

For this reason, we think it is vital that we engage with younger Australians. Young individuals seem more receptive to information shared by someone of a similar age and by someone with whom they can identify.

Do you know of a young individual who would be interested in acting as a “Young Ambassador” for DWDV and spread the word.?

If you do, please contact our office.

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