Anti-VAD Story Removed

An elderly Victorian woman, suffering multiple cancers, voluntarily chose assisted dying; a distant relative by marriage used the event to push anti-VAD views on a website, characterising the death as “an horrendous act of desperation and defeat” and accusing her family of lacking compassion and her doctors of failing to treat her properly.

However, the woman’s family has now shared their dismay and their side of the story, as: “Madeleine had not visited our mother for more than three years … has no insight into these matters …  mum did not share Madeleine’s devoutly Catholic worldview … and would have been profoundly unimpressed with her attempts to make political mileage out of what was a private matter.”

This story has relevance to the current campaign for VAD in Tasmania.

Such a shameless attempt to misrepresent VAD and the process in Victoria may sway those MPs who are still undecided, to oppose the bill.

Read the full story here.

[Source: Go Gentle Australia]

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