Liv Nicholls, Young Ambassador

Liv Nicholls

Liv has been a policy and parliamentary adviser to a Member of the Victorian Parliament for four years. With the party she worked on Voluntary Assisted Dying policy. Liv developed an interest in the issue and eventually developed a Private Members’ Bill which was introduced to Parliament in 2021. The Bill sought to address the ‘telehealth’ issue and the ‘permanent residency definition’ issue within the current Act.

Through this advocacy work, she has met many people affected by the lack of end-of-life options, as well as stakeholders involved in the debate, including accredited GPs. Liv has also been affected by VAD through family friends who have had neurological conditions and declining health prior to their death who couldn’t access this compassionate end-of-life option.

She believes in having the choice to die with dignity and that whilst checks and balances must be in place, that the current scheme needs improvement. Liv is proud to be an advocate for DWDV and admires the incredible work they do to instil rights, power and dignity back to those, terminally ill, who have been denied their autonomy for too long.

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