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Have you used our Advance Care templates and guidelines? We received this feedback from someone who did and has found them helpful.

“Hi, I just saw your post on Facebook about end-of-life choices and wanted to share my Dad’s story. Just before he died, at the end of 2019, Dad downloaded and filled out a copy of your Advance Care Directive. We’re so glad he did, as it made following his wishes so much easier to do, with minimal stress and knowing we were doing what he wanted.”

“His local GP was surprised when he saw the ACD document for signing. The GP is against VAD and tried to persuade dad not to use the ACD document but in the end signed it”.**

“The doctors at the hospital told us that they had never seen a directive that was so detailed, which made the job easier for them as well. As a result, Dad was able to pass away the way he wanted.”

“Thank you again for all the work you do, it is very much appreciated.”

** We would like to make clear that Voluntary Assisted Dying cannot be requested in an Advance Care Directive. We asked the writer to further explain the GPs reluctance to sign the ACD. The GP had stated at the time of the request, “I’m in the business of saving people, not killing them”. The writer felt that the GP, having seen our DWDV logo on the top of the form, assumed that it was a request for VAD. Fortunately, the writer’s father persisted with his request for his GP’s signature and the form was eventually signed.

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    1. Thank you so much for contacting us. We are aware that a DNR is not the same as an ACD but may not have made this clear. However a DNR request, can be included in an ACD, if the specific circumstances, described in an ACD, eventuate.
      The DWDV team

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