VAD Live Forum in Perth

On 16 June, a live forum was held at the ABC Perth studios focusing on VAD – which is to be implemented in Western Australia on July 1.

Included in the discussion are:

  • Professor Scott Blackwell – in charge of the WA VAD implementation process
  • Anne Fraser – VAD advocate and cancer sufferer
  • Belinda Teh – another well-known VAD advocate who walked across Australia to promote VAD awareness
  • Dr. Simon Torvaldsen – Chair of the Western Australian AMA GP group
  • Professor Leon Flicker – Professor of Geriatric Medicine UWA
  • Lana Glogowski – CEO Palliative Care WA.

Some of the issues discussed were pain, dementia, palliative care, the number of doctors who have completed VAD training, the VAD process and institutional conscientious objection.

Professor Blackwell was asked how he saw suffering and replied “through kind eyes and then wanting to do something about it.”

Such a lovely answer!

You can listen to the discussion here

[Source: Jane Morris – VAD-MW News]

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